Terms & Conditions

1. Minimum Withdrawal to Bank 500/-

2. Minimum Trade Investment 5000/-

3. One Mobile, One ID, Dummy id not allowed.

4. Daily Closing, withdrawal from Bank on Every month Dated 5/15/25.

5. Deduction - TDS 5% On Commission, 5% Admin, & 18% GST Applicable Only on Trade Profit.

6. Bonus / Profit is a part of promotion of the company business.

7. Your Bonus / Profit can be depended on business & growth of the company.

8. For trade income only, trade profit can be withdrawn every month after completion of 30 days & for trade capital amount lock in period for 90 days and you can withdraw your trade capital amount after 90 days if you want.

9. Company has the right to change any rules or regulations or to modify the Business for betterment of the Company and Teams.

10. Payment terms: - By creating an account and subscribing for the service or renew your subscription for the service. You agree to the charges imposed by the company. For the withdrawal of your profit amount you need to do advance booking for our any Health and Wellness Product from which you will get a Unique ID with Rs. 1499/- out of Rs. 3000/-.

11. Security: - The responsibility to keep secure and confidential your User ID(s) and Password(s), Trade Connect may issue to you to access the Services, which rests solely with you and the employees, representatives and agents of yours that are entrusted with the same. If you become aware of any unauthorized access in your account(s), or any misuse of your password(s) and user ID(s), or any unauthorized monetary transactions will be solely on your responsibility if you neglect it, and you must activate the process put in place to disable your account(s) and/or re-issue new password(s) or user ID(s) as soon as possible.

You agree that you are solely responsible for the actions and omissions of the person(s) you nominate as user(s) or administrator(s) of your account(s) for the Service.

You also agree that Trade Connect may accept instructions and requests from admin department of the company and communicate with such person(s) until and unless Trade Connect receives notification that such person(s) are no longer your user(s) or administrator(s), and such instructions, requests and communications are valid and legally binding on you. In addition, you are also responsible for any and all use of your account(s) by any persons who are in possession of your user ID(s) or password(s).

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